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Grow Quality Food

Food crops need specific conditions to grow in order to generate nutrient laden food and have resistance to disease and insects.  It’s not how much NPK you use, it’s about the bio diverse soil structure and the amount of humus acting as a carbon sink.  NPK will burn that out and America is now experiencing the result of believing that more nitrogen will make more food - it hasn’t.  In fact, if you factor in the disease rate produced by the empty food produced by the chemical fertilizer era it’s costing us dearly while exhausting the future of food production for our children.

Our mineral supplement, EcoVie, has returned many garden’s, field’s and orchard’s in America back to production by just putting back into the soil what the broken method of agriculture has taken out every harvest…the minerals.  Food crops infuse the food with nutrient minerals from the earth and since plants can’t make minerals, they have to be restored in the soil if you take them away in food at harvest.  The trimmings take away minerals as well.  You have to restore what is taken away.

Minerals are essential for all life and genetics are up regulated by mineral ions, in other words, the ionic minerals found in plant compounds once released into the body trigger the genetics to work.  Without them the genes can’t work and people get vulnerable to disease by de-mineralization.

Here’s how a broken food supply happened in America

After World War 2, the idea was adopted that heavy nitrogen fertilization using ammonium nitrate could feed the nation by producing abundant food and it did produce abundant food.  But as those over fertilized crops extracted the complex of micro mineral nutrients from the soil, past the capacity of the soil to sustain the loss of micro nutrient minerals, the quality of food borne nutrients decreased along with yield.  It’s like a gold mining operation - at some point all the gold is mined out.  So it was with our nations crop lands.  As nitrogen fertilization practices forced plants to grow, the reduction of ionic minerals suffered the micro organisms.  

All life needs ionic minerals to live and as the micro mineral elements, necessary for the micro organisms to stay alive, were taken away the ability of soil to grind up rock into available minerals was continually reduced.  As more nitrogen was applied to force growth, the calcium was bound up with the nitrogen causing weak cell walls in the plants. Once weakened the insect, nature’s garbage disposal system, arrived to remove the crops that should never be eaten by animals or man.  But instead of replacing the missing micro nutrient minerals to re-establish the micro organisms so nature could sustain itself, petro chemical neurotoxins were applied to kill the insects but also killed all the micro organisms.  As more nitrogen was applied, the humus, the decomposed plant matter necessary for the micro organisms to exist was burned up along with natures natural carbon sink.  And that field was then lost to inorganic chemical growing and produced food that was empty.  As that food was promoted as good to eat, America got sicker and sicker.  Sick soil creates sick food, sick animals and sick people.

But as you can see in this series of steps, in only 6 months of re-mineralizing only one side of a row of oregano the micro organisms were restored and expanded to the untreated side.  The soil is healthy and the plants have been returned to optimal health.  Minerals are the key to life and the key to sustainable agriculture.  Simply put, put back what you took away to restore the balance!