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Mite Shield

Use a Mite Shield on the main stems to prevent re-infestation during treatment.

Mites are introduced into a grow room on new plants, clothes, shoes, pets, etc. Mites can’t fly and have to crawl to their food using the main stem of a plant and once on the plant mites and eggs also drop off the leaves into the growing medium. These mites can be missed when applying any miticide. These hidden mites can then crawl back up using the main stem as a highway to re-infest after treatment. So why not block the highway! Isolating the mites from their food source is easy now with a Liquid Ladybug™ Mite Shield.

Isolate the upper part of the plant a few inches above the soil line with a sponge strip – 6” long, ½” wide cut from a sink sponge; wrapped around the stem and secured with a plastic cable tie. The mites cannot then use the stem as a highway to re-infest the plant after treatment since they cannot pass the Mite Shield soaked with Liquid Ladybug™.