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"I grew four, fifty foot beds of garlic. Two rows were treated with EcoVie. The untreated row produced 230 pounds of garlic; the treated rows produced 306 pounds – 76 pounds more than the untreated group – 30% more."

-Barbara Burnhart in New York


"I pre treated my squash seeds with EcoVie before planting. They germinated faster and plants were huge. We had a locust blight that growing season. The plants that were not attacked by the locust were the EcoVie treated plants."

-Patricia Maas in New Mexico

Return to Production:

"I treated 30 pecan and 20 peach trees with EcoVie. My trees did not produce any in some cases and very little fruit in others for the first two growing seasons. The previous owner did not remember the pecan trees ever producing and the peach trees had been dying because of lack of care. I treated all the trees even the ones that looked as if they were dead. I had so much fruit from all of the trees that limbs broke because I did not prune the excess. Just one treatment made all of this difference. If you do not try this product you will not realize what a miracle it is."

-Johnny Harris in Texas